The school offers at least two types of scholarship grants.

The first scholarship grants to honor students is for incoming high school students who have been with Davao Christian High School the previous year. He/she must have an average grade of at least 92%, and have attained top three in ranking in their grade level. Furthermore, the recipient must be of good conduct and must not be tutored by any hired tutor.

The amount of grants are as follows:

Rank 1 – 100% tuition fee scholarship
Rank 2 – 50% tuition fee scholarship
Rank 3 – 25% tuition fee scholarship

The second scholarship grant is for students needing financial assistance are provided to selected students who demonstrate financial need, academic achievement and good conduct. Recipients must be enrolled in Davao Christian High School, must have an average grade of at least 80 in both English and Chinese, and must have no failing final grade in any subject. Furthermore, he must not have an outstanding account balance with the school. Primary factors taken into consideration for evaluating scholarship requests are financial needs, grades, and number of siblings.

Either grant is good for one year but may be revoked anytime for misconduct and other valid reasons as determined by the School Board of Trustees. Should the student qualify for more than one grant (including that of faculty dependents’ scholarship, ESC, honor, financial assistance, foundation grants, etc.) the student will be provided only the grant with the higher amount.