Student Life

Davao Christian High School supports co-curricular and extra-curricular programs in order to contribute to a balanced formation and development of students' education. These activities offer the students opportunities to test, to discover various applications of different concepts and ideas, and to practice skills that have been taught in the classroom. The students are therefore encouraged to expose themselves to diverse stages of educational experience and a lot of basic knowledge with regard to their personal likes, dislikes and aptitudes through interactions with other students, faculty and administrators.

Interest Groups

Interest Groups are organizations sponsored by the school which replaced the traditional academic clubs. The interest groups cater to the different hobbies and interests of the student members such as theatre, photography, art, dance, singing, writing, band playing, cooking, peer counseling, prayer intercession and the like. Younger students also have book lovers, sticker collection, karate club, etc. The groups meet twice a month for their own projects and activities.

Community Outreach

Every year, DCHS gives back to the community through outreach programs. In year-level outreach, volunteer students from each year level visit different marginalized communities to distribute gifts, literacy kits, grooming kits, grocery packages, and packed meals. During Christmas, selected families from our adopted community including the school's maintenance, security and canteen personnel are given grocery packages which are donated by the students. The school also have a treat-a-child program where volunteer students adopt less fortunate children and bond with them in an afternoon of games, storytelling and fun. The students also contribute money for the kids' snacks and literacy kits. Aside from these, volunteer teachers spend one Saturday a month to teach Christian education to kids in the community.